Introducing Savio’s Feedback Form and the “My Feedback” Page

Looking for an easy way to collect feedback directly from your website or app?

Say hello to the feedback form—available on all Savio plans.

Feedback forms give you a dedicated webpage for collecting customer feedback. They follow a link, log in, and then tell you what they think.

The “My Feedback” page is a separate feature attached to feedback forms. It lets your customers keep track of the feedback they have asked for and see where it is in your development pipeline.

Read More: Learn how to set up and use feedback forms or details about the My Feedback page.

Easily collect feedback directly from your website or app

**Scenario: **You don’t want to wait for your customers to provide feedback; you want a dedicated place on your website where they can do it.

The feedback form is just one more convenient way to ask your customers for feedback and bring it into Savio. You can easily direct your customers to your feedback form through a link on your website, in your app, or through email. (You can even email it to a subset of your customers if you like.)

It’s always active, so your customers can request features whenever they like.

They just log in and tell you what they think.

And if you’d rather your customers not need to log into Savio, you can set up Single Sign-On, which we launched earlier this year.

Get public feedback without publishing your feature list on a voting board

Scenario: You like the idea of publicly soliciting feedback, but you don’t want to publish a list of features (like you would on a voting board).

There’s any number of reasons you might not want to publicly display your product roadmap. Maybe you’d prefer not to share your product plans with your competition, or maybe you just want to have some flexibility to change direction without a public announcement. Whatever the reason, you might not want your feature list presented to the world on a voting board.

The feedback form is the best of both worlds: it lets you keep a public venue for receiving feedback from your customers without you having to publish your product plans.

Increase transparency: The “My Feedback” page lets customers follow their feature request as it’s being developed

Scenario: You want your customers to be able to see the status of features they’ve requested.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s something magic that happens when you build a feature they asked for and you follow up with them. It’s why we’re such a big fan of closing the loop—in our view, it’s one of the most effective marketing techniques out there.

But closing the loop happens only at the end of the feedback loop when you actually ship a feature. The “My Feedback” page, attached to the feedback forms, shows your customers the current status of their feature requests. They can see when features they requested are under consideration, planned, and actually being built.

It’s useful because it increases transparency and shows your customers when their ideas are being implemented. You can essentially extend the idea behind “closing the loop” to the entire feature lifecycle.

Don’t worry—we’ve made sure to maintain privacy. Not everything is visible to your customers: the feedback that comes in through private channels, like email or your support tool, is kept private. Also, you get to choose whether your feature request statuses are visible by choosing whether they have a public status.

(You can find more details about what’s visible on the “My Feedback” page here.)

How do I set up a feedback form?

Ready to get your feedback form started? We’ve made it super simple—here’s the full guide with all the details you need on using feedback forms. We’ve also got a separate article on all the details about how the “My Feedback” page works.

And if you have any trouble, just reach out. We’ll get you sorted.

Get started with Savio

Don’t have a Savio account yet? Get started on a free trial and see how simple it can be to collect, organize, and prioritize customer feedback.

Note: Savio helps B2B SaaS Customer Success, Product, and Sales teams organize and prioritize product feedback and feature requests. Learn more about Savio here.

Last Updated: 2022-12-15

Kareem Mayan

Kareem is a co-founder at Savio. He's been prioritizing customer feedback professionally since 2001. He likes tea and tea snacks, and dislikes refraining from eating lots of tea snacks.

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