Effortlessly centralize customer feedback from Salesforce.

No more spreadsheets or digging through Trello cards. No more fighting with endless tags or labels.

Get back to supporting customers.

Salesforce, meet Savio

Don't let valuable customer feedback stay locked up in Salesforce. With the click of a button in Salesforce you'll consolidate customer feedback in Savio and make data driven product decisions.

Use the Savio Chrome Extension to quickly send feedback from Salesforce directly into Savio.

👋 See ya, spreadsheets. Hello, supporting customers.

Start capturing Salesforce feedback in 10 seconds.

How it works:

  • When a customer sends a feature request to Salesforce open up the Savio Chrome Extension
  • Fill in the feedback
  • Add any addtional info including the customer that submitted the feedback
  • Submit the feedback to Savio
  • Now you've got a single master list of product feedback you can use to make data driven product decisions
Submit feedback directly from Salesforce

Track customer feedback. Build better products.

Keep and prioritize a single list of feature requests.

A trusted place for your feature requests.

Ditch the spreadsheets and Trello boards. With Savio you'll be able to easily centralize feedback you receive in Salesforce into a single list.

With a single list you can:

  • Compare how many customers asked for a feature
  • Compare the cumulative MRR for each feature
  • Sort and filter feature requests by customer plan or MRR, priority, effort, tags, keyword, and more

All the context for your Product Managers. Without hallway conversations.

Click to Salesforce to read the whole conversation.

Your Product Managers can read the full Salesforce conversation from Savio.

If your PM needs to clarify the feedback, they can either ask the customer directly in Salesforce, or leave you an internal Salesforce note to ask the customer on their behalf.

Capture feedback from more than just Salesforce

Collect and organize feedback to move the product in the right direction

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