Increase trial to paid conversion of your Shopify app

Learn why Merchants uninstall your app, prioritize and fix those reasons, and grow revenue

Shopify, meet Savio

Unlock Valuable Merchant Uninstall Reasons with Savio

Savio imports all the reasons Shopify merchants uninstalled your app. So you can:

  • Identify and fix reasons Merchants uninstalled
  • Stack-rank uninstall reasons by popularity
  • Reach out directly to Merchants for clarification
  • Let Merchants know you addressed their feedback
Track reasons why Merchants uninstall your app

Organize and Track Merchant Uninstall Reasons

Drill into (or export) each Merchant's uninstall reason

See each store's uninstall reason

See the most popular uninstall reasons, fix them, and profit.

Quicky see the most popular uninstall reasons

Centralize, organize, and prioritize your Feature Requests

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