Productboard too complex? We got you.

A simpler approach to tracking feedback. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Track product feedback from your support tool, CRM, email, and more

Centralize feedback from your tools with minimal disruption to your workflow.

Track feature requests from any web-based tool

Built to manage product feedback, not make pretty roadmaps.

Quickly centralize your customer feature requests

Feedback drives roadmaps. That's why Savio started with the important part first. With Savio:

  • You never leave your support tool, CRM or other tool to centralize feedback. Which means you never dig through rows or cards to upvote the right feature
  • Product feedback is attached to the customer that shared it. Which means you can see feedback by customer attributes like account, MRR, and Plan
  • You can sort and compare requests by upvotes or cumulative MRR
  • You can close the loop with many requesters when you build what they asked for (in just a few clicks)

Easily see feedback for your key customer segments

All feedback is not created equal. Powerful filtering helps you slice and dice feedback any way you want to drill in on the feedback that matters.

  • See your most-requested features
  • Sort requests by total revenue
  • List feature requests by a person or account
  • Read the exact words customers use to describe their product problems
  • Quickly identify product feedback that is both important and easy to implement
A single list of prioritized requests makes for powerful roadmap planning

Close the loop to delight your customers

Close the loop with multiple customers in one shot

Get credit with customers when you build what they asked for (in just a few clicks).

  • Email multiple customers in one shot to close the loop right from Savio
  • Easily email customers personally from your email client if your prefer (instead of through Savio)
  • Track your customer communications and BCC your CRM
  • Ensure replies to your Close the Loop emails go to your support tool (or anywhere else you choose)

How Savio Works

Centralize Feedback

Log product feedback using integrations.
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Analyze Requests

Prioritize your most valuable features.
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Build your Roadmap

Get stakeholder buy-in on product plans.
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Close the Loop

Lower churn and win more deals.
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