Feature request tracking for B2B SaaS teams

Centralize, prioritize, and close the loop on your user feedback from one tool.

Track requests from support tools, CRMs, Google docs, and more

Track feature requests from any tool you receive them.

Track feature requests from any web-based tool

Purpose-built for tracking feature requests - better than Trello or spreadsheets

Quickly centralize your customer feature requests

Savio is purpose-built for tracking feedback, which means:

  • You don't leave your support tool, CRM, Google Docs, etc to track feedback (no digging through rows or cards to upvote the right feature)
  • Feature requests are saved with the customer, account, and account properties like MRR and Plan
  • You can quickly see and compare feature requests by number of requesters and total MRR
  • You can filter requests by people on a specific plan or who share attributes you care about (like requests from a specific geography)
  • You can quickly close the loop with customers when you build what they asked for

Plan your Product Roadmap from a centralized, customer-informed list of feature requests

With all your feature requests in one place you can:

  • Quickly see what your most popular feature requests are
  • See requests sorted by cumulative customer revenue
  • See feature requests by a person or account
  • Read customer verbatims about a feature
  • Filter and sort requests by customer attributes like Plan and MRR
  • Quickly identify high-priority, low-effort requests
A single list of prioritized requests makes for powerful roadmap planning

Close the loop on completed Features and delight your customers

Close the loop with multiple customers in one shot

Closing the loop when you build a feature is a powerful way to delight your customers. With Savio you can:

  • Close the loop by sending email to multiple customers in one shot - directly from Savio
  • Email key requesters personally from your email client instead of through Savio
  • BCC your CRM so all customer communications are kept in your source of truth
  • Ensure customer replies to your Close the Loop email go to your support tool (or anywhere else you choose)

Share user requests with your Product team - backed up with data

Back up customer feature requests with user verbatims and data

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