Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback: It Boosts Sales and Retention and It’s Easy To Do. Here's How.

Closing the loop with customers after you build what they asked for is an easy way to grow sales, reduce churn, and encourage product feedback. Here’s how to design a leak-proof close the loop system.

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How these B2B SaaS Leaders Handle Dissent about Product Roadmaps

Hear from 6 product and customer success leaders on how they deal with dissent about product roadmaps.

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Using Customer Feedback to Reduce Churn

Churn is a challenge that all product and customer success leaders deal with and aim to eliminate. Hear from 9 company leaders about how they approach reducing churn in their enterprise.

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How to Prioritize Feature Requests and Build a Product Your Customers Actually Want

You need to prioritize your feature requests effectively to build a product your customers actually want. Here’s a system to do that effectively using qualitative customer feedback data.

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Why we launched a contrarian kind of public voting board

Existing voting boards like UserVoice have been around since 2008. But they bias customers to give feedback that isn't necessarily true. So we built and launched voting boards that eliminate bias and give you a truer picture of what your customers want.

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How to Track Feature Requests: Your Guide to Designing a Killer System That Works

To get good feedback you need more than just a good survey tool—you need a system that works. This article will give you a step-by-step guide to building one.

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We improved email deliverability from 43.7% spam to 1.4% after a spammer exploited our SaaS

Spammers exploited our "close the loop" feature to send 20,000 unsolicited emails. Which meant that some paying customers sent close the loop emails to their customers, but those emails ended up in spam folders. Here's how we diagnosed and solved our email deliverability problem.

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Why Customer Success should own more of your Product Roadmap

Customer Success has the insights necessary to understand their customers' problems. Customer Success is often responsible for retention and expansion revenue (the keys to net negative revenue churn and SaaS growth). Because of this, it's inevitable Customer Success will own more of the product roadmap over time. Plus, hear how 17 Customer Success leaders from companies like AppCues, Catalyst, Proposify, Help Scout, Yopto (and more) influence the product roadmap at their organizations.

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Make product plans with evidence, not anecdote

Centralize product feedback, enrich and prioritize it with customer data, and create evidence-based roadmaps.

For B2B SaaS Product and Success teams.

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